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How To Set Up A Salad Bar

For an exciting salad bar display, follow these simple tips.

Make food look inviting with a variety of textures, colors, and garnishes.

Offer a lot of variety in items - vegetables, fruits, pasta salads and toppings like croutons, corn chips and dressings.

Set out deli trays of cheeses and cold cuts so guests can make chef's salads or small sandwiches.

Stock up on beverages - soft drinks and iced tea are good choices.

To set up your salad bar, start with plates, then assorted food items, ending on bread and rolls.

It's also nice to serve salads from chilled bowls and platters.

Create a salad bar with a variety of pre-made salads, i.e., Caesar salad, pasta salad and tuna salad. For a meaty salad that can also serve as a main meal for a luncheon, try flavorful mandarin chicken salad.


Look for a delicious assortment of croutons at your local store, or make your own. Cut day-old bread into small cubes. Sauté them in a little olive oil and butter (or margarine) over medium heat, tossing frequently, for about five minutes. They should look toasted and golden. Add a little finely chopped garlic or chopped fresh herbs if desired. They are great on salads or in soups.

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