Dirty Diaper Game

Before the shower, purchase 10 different types of popular candy bars (hershey bar, kit kat, crunch, etc) and 10 baby diapers.

Place each candy bar in the microwave to melt and rub the melted candy bar in a diaper. Allow the candy to dry. Be sure to number each diaper and write down what candy bar was put into what diaper.

At the shower, pass around each diaper. Guest are allowed to look and smell, but can not touch or taste. On a piece of paper they should write down the diaper number and what candy bar they think it is.

The person who guesses the most correctly, wins.

Submitted by Amy D.

Baby Bingo

Create your own set of bingo cards except don't use numbers but instead, use things pertaining to babies. Instead of having BINGO across the top, use the word STORK. An example would be to have all the items in the 'S' column be "baby names" The items in this row could be Michael, Sarah etc. There needs to be a master list to call from. The normal bingo rules apply. For Example: A caller pulls out S - Michael and guests look under the column 'S' to see if they have gown. If they do, they mark off the square. The first person to get a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally is declared the winner.

Baby Food Game

Take about 10 different baby food jars and number the bottom of each bottle. Be sure to write down which baby food goes with which number. Place the bottles on a tray and pass it around to the guests. The guests then try to guess what flavor is in each bottle and write it down. After everyone has seen the bottles and guessed, then read the answers. The person who has the most flavors listed correctly is declared the winner. Most women have already played this, but it's still great fun and the mommy-to-be gets to keep all the food for the new baby!


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