Bologna Football Recipe
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Bologna Football

Don't dismiss this recipe. It sounds wild, but it's great, especially for a SUPER BOWL party, as it ends up looking like a big football and tastes good.

Buy a 5 to 6 pound bologna, uncut

Remove the casing & score the bologna lengthwise about four times, lightly. Cut ends to shape like a football.

Place in a roasting pan and bake 4 hours at 250 degrees.

In the meantime make a sauce; combine
1 small jar of currant jelly
1 cup of chili sauce
heavy dash Tabasco
about 4 tablespoons prepared mustard

Heat over low heat, whisking until the jelly dissolves.

To serve, place bologna on a large platter, surround with parsley, and cocktail bread. Serve sauce on the side.


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