Bread Dough "Dog Ears" Recipe
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Bread Dough "Dog Ears"

1 or more loaves frozen bread dough (or homemade)

Grease the frozen loaves and let rise on a cookie sheet according to package/recipe instructions.

Once bread has risen, heat grease or oil in deep skillet. Carefully cut off chunks of dough 1/2" thick and stretch a little to make flatter. Be careful not to work the dough, as it will sink when you fry it.

Place the chunks of dough in the hot grease and brown on one side. You will be able to see the dough rising and cooking through. Then turn the dough and brown on the other side.

Place on dish and let drain. Serve warm from stove with butter, jelly, jam, honey, etc. Leftovers may be microwaved to warm.

- recipe by the Darrell Feldman family, in "The Kearney 125th Anniversary Community Cookbook," which was a gift to me from our own dear Becky

AUTHOR: Bearsy

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