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Cream Rusks Recipe


Cream Rusks

Take 1 pint of warm water, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of rich cream, 1 pint of yeast, or 1 yeast cake previously dissolved in warm water, flour enough for a stiff batter.

If wanted for dinner, set to rise the evening before; if desired for tea, for which no bread is better, set early in the morning.

After it has risen sufficiently, or over night, work it down several times. This gives the dough a very light and fluffy feeling and makes the rusks perfect in sponginess.

When ready to bake, roll about 1 inch in thickness, cut with a cake cutter like biscuits, put in a buttered pan, let rise and bake in an oven heated about the same as for biscuits.

If desired, sprinkle with sugar when taken from the oven.

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