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Peachy Tea Punch Recipe


Peachy Tea Punch
About 4 iced tea glasses

2 cups peach flavored tea (or peach-ginger, apricot, or the fruit-flavored tea of your choice), prepared strong strength (see above) and cooled to room temperature
1/2 cup unsweetened apple juice
1/2 white grape juice
1 cup ginger ale, preferably naturally sweetened
ice cubes
1/2 fresh peach cut lengthwise into four crescents as garnish, optional

Mix the tea together with the juices and ginger ale in a one-quart serving pitcher. Stir lightly and pour into four tall, ice-filled glasses. Gently press a peach crescent onto the edge of each glass. Serve immediately.


> To serve in a punch bowl, multiply the recipe as needed and float thin slices of peach on top of the punch.
> To prevent dilution, prepare ice cubes made from peach tea in advance.

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