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 Bolton's International Country Club's Chicken St. Germaine Recipe
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Bolton's International Country Club's Chicken St. Germaine

For the chicken:
1 (8 oz.) boneless, skinless chicken breast, cut in half, cleaned and pounded until thin

Salt and pepper, to taste

1 c. flour

2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 c. parmesan cheese

Approximately 2 T. olive oil

For the St. Germaine sauce:

1 T. olive oil

1 t. minced fresh garlic

1/2 ripe tomato, diced

2 oz. white wine

2 T. butter

1 oz. fresh basil leaves, cut into chiffonade

2 T. fresh lemon juice

1/8 c. chopped scallions

Salt and pepper, to taste

To make the St. Germaine sauce: In a saute pan over medium heat, heat the oil. Saute the garlic and tomatoes until both are soft. Deglaze the pan with white wine, scraping up any bits that have stuck to the bottom of the pan. Finish with the butter, fresh basil, lemon juice, scallions and salt and pepper.

To make the chicken: Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Bread each piece by dredging it in flour, then dipping it in the egg, then dredging it in parmesan cheese until coated on all sides.

Heat the olive oil in a large, non-stick, oven-proof saute pan. Add the chicken and pan-sear, turning until golden brown on all sides. Finish by baking until the chicken is cooked through and crisp outside.

Serve the chicken on a warm plate topped with St. Germaine sauce, with vegetables and potatoes on the side.

Makes 1 serving.

Bolton. MA.

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