Pacifier Corsage for the Mother to Be

Special corsages can be made for the mother-to-be by creative fingers. You need a new pacifier or rattle, tulle, small silk flowers with wrapped wire stems, ribbon, and a diaper pin. Take the pacifier (or rattle) and use it as a centerpiece for the corsage. It is best to get a pacifier with the two holes in the plastic (one at each side of nipple) so that it can be secured tightly. The tulle should be a long rectangle. Fold it like a fan and then pinch it at the bottom. Tie a length of ribbon around the pinched part of the tulle. Then take the ends of the ribbon and place one end through each hole. Tie the ribbon into a bow in the front/nipple part of the pacifier. The ribbon can be secured to the tulle with a dab from a hot glue gun (or try small safety pins. Try not to glue the pacifier itself so that it can be reused. If it does get something on it, don't worry though as the dried glue is usually not too difficult to peel from plastic. Gently use your fingers to separate and spread out the tulle at the top. Use the flowers and extra ribbons to decorate. The corsage is pinned to the mommy-to-be using a diaper pin.

If you don't have the time to make a corsage or have some extra money, you can buy a pacifier and take it to a florist shop. They should be able to make a great corsage incorporating the shower's colors and the pacifier.

Make small corsages for every guest. Cut some tulle circles. Gather to create some ruffles. Hot glue some q-tips, a couple of cotton balls, a little silk flower, ect. Go to the dollar store and I'm sure you'll come up with many ideas. Make a extra one that has some additional items, to play the Tray Game with a Twist.

Diaper Nametags

For nametags, cut out triangles from pink and blue paper and fold each into a diaper. Upon their arrival, have guests write their names on the diapers. Fasten each with a gold safety pin. Award prizes to guests who picked the "dirty' diapers (tags dabbed with mustard inside).

Diaper Invitations

Write party details on a sheet of stationery. Fold it to resemble a trifold diaper and fasten it with a gold safety pin. Or fold and fasten a piece of white or pastel flannel. Write party details on a cardstock postcard and insert it into the cloth diaper.

Bun in the Oven

Bake or buy cinnamon buns. Wrap in a cello package. Tie with a bow. Attach this message: "A bun for your oven, from (mother to be name)  bun in the oven".


Wrap Hershey's Kisses and Hugs in colored cellophane, and attach a note that reads "Hugs and Kisses from Baby".

Picture Album

If the baby is already here, make a small photo album as gifts.



Razzle Dazzle Recipes

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