Wedding and Bridal Shower Games


Canned Good Bride/Groom Trivia

To have the bride answer as many questions the same as the groom as possible.

Number of Players:
2 and up

Required Equipment:
Note cards with questions and answers about the bride/groom

Ask the groom questions about the couple and prepare note cards with your questions and his answers on them. Also, ask everyone coming to the shower to bring one canned good. Some questions you might want to ask include: where/when they met, where/when they had their first date/kiss, favorite place, their song, favorite restaurant, last concert they went to together, etc.

Pass out the note cards to each guest. Instruct the guests to ask the bride the question on their note card. If she answers the same as the groom, they give her the canned good they brought. If she answers differently, they tear the label off the canned good and give it to her. This is a fun way to learn about the couple, while starting to stock their pantry. They will think of the shower as they have mystery meals after the wedding.

Note: About 30 years ago we had played a version of this game at a shower. A few days later we were playing cards with the couple across the street. We started talking about this game and the husband looked at me and said "that sounds like a game someone from the country would play". Their wedding anniversary was the next week and while they were out celebrating, I decided to decorate the house for the occasion with about 30 rolls of toilet paper and of course I stopped at the pantry and took all of the labels off the cans and numbered them. Feeling quite proud of myself I went home and waited with the lights off for them to come home. When he walked in and saw the inside of their house I could see his arms just a flailing, trying to get the toilet paper out of the way so he could get to the phone. It took until the next day for them to discover the pantry. My advice is if you remove the labels make sure they have a great sense of humor (they did). I think I gave him the list about 3 days later, as soon as he apologized for his comment! I can testify this is a fun game and it also stands the test of time.

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