Name the Cake Game

1. What is the cake that is an annual event?

2. What cake does a monkey like?

3. What cake is a heavenly body?

4. What cake is the biggest flop?

5. What cake do mice like best?

6. What cake is a typical American Breakfast?

7. What cake goes well on a saucer?

8. What cake is found on the ocean floor?

9. What cake is always on the calendar?

10. What cake weighs the most?

11. What cake is the opposite of #3?

12. What cake should be eaten in bed?

13. What cake is a small child's game?

14. What cake is as lovely as a transparent material?

15. What kind of cake do you feed your rabbit?

16. What kind of cake do you order at a seafood restaurant?


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Graphic from Kim's Whim