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Bacon Flavored Dip Mix Recipe

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Bacon Flavored Dip Mix

2 tbs. Instant Bacon Bits
1 tsp Instant Beef Bouillon
1 tbs. Instant Minced Onion
1/8 tsp Minced Garlic

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl; blend well. Spoon mixture onto a 6-inch square of aluminum foil and fold to make airtight. Label as Bacon-Flavored Dip Mix. Store in a cool, dry place and use within 6 months.
Makes 1 package (about 3 T) of mix.

Add these directions to label:

Bacon Flavored Dip: Combine 1 cup of sour cream and 1 package of mix. Chill at least 1 hour before serving. Makes about 1 cup of dip. VARIATIONS: Substitute 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup cottage cheese or 1 (8 oz) package of softened cream cheese for sour cream.

Fill a large mason jar with any type of snacks for dipping (small snack crackers, pretzels, breadsticks, etc.). Attach package of dip mix to jar and decorate for gift giving.

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