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Cake in a Coffee Mug

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Cake in a Coffee Mug
(Read all instructions before starting)
You will need 8 coffee mugs... (makes 8 gifts)

Cake Mix
1 cake mix any flavor
1 (4 serving size) instant pudding mix (not sugar free), any flavor

Place dry cake mix and dry pudding mix into a large bowl and blend well with a whisk. This will be about 4 - 4 � cups dry mix and will make 8 coffee cup cake mixes. Place � cup dry mix into a sandwich bag. Place mix into a corner of the bag and tie it there with a twist tie. Label this bag "Cake Mix".
Continue making and labeling packets until you have 8 packets.

Flavor suggestions:
Lemon cake mix- lemon pudding
Yellow cake mix- vanilla pudding
Devils food cake mix- chocolate pudding
Pineapple cake mix- coconut pudding
Butterscotch cake mix- butterscotch pudding

Glaze mix
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 � tsp dry flavoring (such as powdered lemonade mix, powdered orange breakfast drink mix, cocoa powder - Select a flavoring appropriate to the cake you are making)
Vanilla powder sold by coffee flavorings (or use French Vanilla CoffeeMate)

Place the glaze mix ingredients into a sandwich bag and tie into corner of bag. Label this bag "Glaze Mix" and attach it to the "Cake Mix" bag with a twist tie. You can also include another bag labeled "Toppings", if desired. (Example: For the pineapple coconut cake, include flaked coconut in a separate bag with instructions to sprinkle it over the frosted cake.)

Select one of 8 large coffee cups. Check it to be sure it holds 1� cups of water. That way you will be sure you have bought the size the recipe calls for. It can't have any metallic paint on it because it will be used in the microwave. Place one baggie of cake mix and one baggie of glaze mix in each coffee cup. Add one baggie of toppings into each cup also, if using. Continue with the remaining coffee cups.

Now attach the following baking instructions to each coffee cup:

Generously spray inside of coffee cup with cooking spray. Empty contents of large packet into cup. Add 1 egg white, 1 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp water to dry mix. Mix 15 seconds, carefully mixing in all the dry mix. Microwave on full power 2 minutes. (You may not get satisfactory results in a low wattage small microwave). While cake is cooking, place ingredients from "Glaze Mix" into a very small container and add 1� tsp water. Mix well. When cake is done, pour glaze over cake in cup. Enjoy while warm.

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