Aunt Chilada's Red Chile Tamales Recipe
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Aunt Chilada's Red Chile Tamales

2 1/2 pounds masa
1 pound lard
1 ounce salt
1 ounce baking powder
1/4 pound red chile pods (hot or mild)
1/2 gallon hot water
1 (4 pound) beef roast
Salt and pepper to taste
Garlic to taste
Corn husks, soaked in water until softened,
then drained and wiped dry

In a mixer or by hand, combine masa, lard, salt and baking powder until well blended.

Deseed the chile pods, then soak the pods in hot water until soft. Puree the soft chile pods.

Boil roast with salt, pepper and garlic until beef is cooked through. Remove beef; shred. Reserve the beef broth. Reserve beef broth.

Mix red chile puree with shredded beef. Add reserved beef broth until moist. Spread masa in a corn husk. Place about 1 1/2 ounces beef in the center of the masa. Fold over sides of tamale, then wrap tamale in wax paper. Place tamales in steamer pot, cover and cook 45 minutes or until the tamales are firm.

Makes 3 dozen tamales.

Source: Chef Rafael Torres, Aunt Chilada's, Phoenix, Arizona

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