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Wrigley Mansion Club Bacon-wrapped Turkey Breast With Apple-Sage Stuffing and Apple Gravy

For Bacon-wrapped Turkey Breast
8-lb. turkey breast
15 slices apple wood-smoked bacon
4 C. apple-sage stuffing
1 C. apple juice
3 C. chicken broth

Apple-Sage Stuffing
1 lb. mild Italian sausage, casings removed
1/4 C. shallots
1 T. garlic
1 C. fennel, diced
1 C. yellow onion, diced
2 C. Granny Smith apples, diced
1/4 C. sherry
2 T. flour
1 C. chicken stock
8 C. dry sourdough bread
4 leaves fresh sage
1 t. fresh thyme
2 eggs, whipped

Apple Gravy
2 C. shallots
1 C. apple juice
1/4 C. chardonnay
defatted turkey drippings from pan
1/4 C. turkey fat from pan
1/4 C. flour
chives, diced for garnish
chicken stock as needed
salt and pepper to taste

For Bacon-wrapped Turkey Breast:
Place turkey skin-side down on a cutting board. Make a cut directly down the center; place stuffing in the cut area. Lay bacon on a large piece of waxed paper. Place turkey on waxed paper and wrap around turkey. Bake in a 350�F. oven until the turkey's internal temperature reaches 150�F. Pour apple juice over turkey; bake 3 minutes more. Remove turkey from pan; reserve drippings for gravy.

For Apple-Sage Stuffing:
In a heavy saucepan over medium heat, saut� sausage until no pink remains. Remove one-half of the fat from the pan. Add vegetables; saut� 3 minutes or until vegetables are clear. Add sherry; cook until almost dry. Add flour; whisk until glossy. Add chicken stock, sage and thyme; bring to a boil. Add bread cubes. Allow mixture to cool, then fold in whipped eggs.

For Apple Gravy:
In a medium pan, heat shallots, apple juice and chardonnay until almost dry. Add drippings from the turkey pan; bring to a boil. In a separate pan, heat turkey fat and flour until smooth; gradually whisk into the first pan. Cook 15 minutes over very low heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add chicken stock as needed.

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