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canning recipes, apple recipes, pickle recipes, pumpkin recipes and tailgating recipes

Welcome to Flavors of Fall Recipes! Who doesn't think fresh baked apple pie is truly one of the delights of the season? Visiting your local farm stand or orchard for apples, cider and donuts is one of the best ways to know fall is on its way.

This section contains apple recipes, including apple pie recipes and apples fixed every way you can imagine.

Jam and jelly recipes, pickle recipes of all kinds, relishes and sauces can be found in the canning section. Make a few jars for gift giving to someone special. 

Then there are the pumpkins and squashes so plentiful now. We have pumpkin pie recipes to pumpkin breads recipes for you. Try one of our delicious pumpkin recipes and see if you find a new family favorite recipe. There are all kinds of of squash recipes you can try.

School has started and finding something good that is good for you is the point in lunch box recipes. We've even thrown in a few tailgating recipes for you to enjoy.


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