Eight Tips to Delight your Wife on Mother's Day

1. Spoil her with a luxurious day of relaxation. Start with breakfast in bed. If you don't cook, run out and get some fresh scones or muffins from your local bakery. Serve with a flavored butter or cream cheese. Decorate the tray with fresh flowers and linen napkins.

2. Have the florist deliver flowers. Make sure she answers the door so you can see the expression on her face.

3. Then rally the kids and have everyone give mom the gifts they have for her. These don't have to be expensive, it's the thought that counts.

4. Take her car and the kids down to the carwash and clean her car for her.

5. Fill it up with gas on the way home...

6. Stop on the way home and get lunch for a picnic in the yard. Have the kids set the table.

7. Clean up the mess!

8. Don't forget to thank mom for being the "best mom in the world."

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