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Garnishing Tips

Onion Mum

1. Peel off the outer skin of the onion. Leave the root end intact, but cut off a very thin slice so the onion will sit flat.

2. Place the point of the 5" Utility Knife at the center of the top of the onion and cut straight down to within 3/4" of the bottom. Cut similar cuts around the onion until you have petals all the way around the onion OR use the Apple Wedger and cut to within 3/4" of base.

3. Place the onion in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes. This reduces the strong odor of the onion. Lift it out and place it in ice water for up to an hour to open the petals (add food coloring to ice water if desired, to color your petals).

Tomato Skin Rose

1. Wash and dry the tomato. Starting at the base, cut the bottom of the tomato and then continue to cut a continuous peel (about 1/2" wide strip) going round and round from bottom to top.

2. Starting with the top end of the peeled strip, begin to curl the strip until you reach the base. Place the curled flower on the base.

3. Fasten with a toothpick if needed.

Radish Mouse

1 large oval radish with root (tail) 2 small round radishes
Cloves Toothpicks

1. Wash radishes. Leave the root on the large radish. Using the paring knife, cut the roots off the round radishes. Cut the green tops off all the radishes.
2. Cut two slices from one of the round radishes to make the ears.
3. Push a toothpick halfway into the stem end of the large oval radish (mouse body).
4. Cut two V-shaped grooves in the whole round radish to hold the ears. Place the two round slices in these grooves for ears. Push cloves into the head for eyes. Attach the head to the body with the toothpick that is sticking out from the body.
5. For whiskers, cut 3/4" pieces from the ends of toothpicks and poke blunt ends into the mouse head.

V-Cut Bell Peppers

1. Make sure to select bell peppers with 4 parts in the base so that they will sit evenly.
2. Using V-Shaped Cutter, cut v-shapes about 1/2" from the top of the bell peppers.
3. Continue cutting until you've gone complete around the bell pepper.
4. Remove the top and rinse out any remaining seeds.
5. Use the Grapefruit Knife to clean out the inside of the bell pepper.
6. Fill with desired spreads.

Strawberry Fan

1. Place the strawberry pointed end against the top cutter of the Egg Slicer Plus. Push to within 1/4 " of stem.
2. Pull straight out.
3. Fan out cut sections.

Radish Flowers

1. Using the Quikut Paring Knife, trim off the root and scrape off hairy roots.
2. TULIP: Hold the radish in one hand by the stem end. Place the point of the knife at the root end and score the skin in four or five wedge sections. Now slide the point of the knife under the point of the wedge and slice down, including some of the white flesh with the skin. Keep the petal attached at the bottom.
3. ROSE: Cut straight across the root end to make a white disk. Starting at the root end, cut a petal of skin from the side of the radish, leaving it attached at the stem end. A total of four or five cuts make a pretty rose.
4. DAISY: Cut off the stem end. Place the scoring part of the Lemon Zester/Scorer flat against the root end of the radish. Using medium pressure, pull the Scorer down to about 1/4 " from the bottom. Make five to seven cuts.
5. Place all radishes in ice water until the petals open.

Cantaloupe Cup/Boat

1. Push the point of the V-Shaped Cutter into the center of the fruit. Pull it out and make a second cut, being sure to connect this cut with the first. Work your way around the fruit.
2. Separate into two halves.
3. Cut a thin slice off the bottom of each half so it will sit flat.
4. Using the Small or Medium Scoop, clean out the seeds. Then using the scoop, clean out the meat making melon balls.

Celery Fans

1. Cut celery into 4" lengths
2. Open the Egg Slicer Plus and press the end of the celery stalk through the wires to within 1/2 " of the end. Remove and give celery a 1/4 turn. Push end through wires again.
3. Place in ice water until the strips fan out.

Cucumber Flower Cup

1. Cut a 2" section from the end of the cucumber. Cut a small slice from the end so that the cup will sit flat.
2. Starting from the big, cut off end, cut the skin into 5 or 6 petals shapes around the cucumber.
3. Using the Corer, scoop out the center pulp leaving an empty cup.
4. Place the flower in ice water to open the petals.
5. Fill with individual servings of dressing or cream cheese spreads.

Round Flower (carrot in the cucumber)

1. Using the Lemon Zester/Scorer, score down the length of the cucumber. Score all sides. Make sure scores are deep to give a rippled effect.
2. Cut off both ends of the cucumber.
3. Using The Corer, remove center of the cucumber
4. Selecting a carrot the size of the corer, insert the carrot into the cucumber, rotating to keep cucumber from breaking.
5. Using Crinkle Cutter, cut flowers (cucumber with orange center)

Palm Tree

1. Create a V-cut green bell pepper as above.
2. Peel a large thick carrot with the Vegetable Peeler. Cut off the top and tip. Starting at the thick end of the carrot, use the Quikut Paring Knife to make a series of small V shaped cuts going all the way around the carrot from top to bottom.
3. Insert a toothpick into the thin top of the carrot. Press the bell pepper over the carrot into the toothpick.
4. To make a base, cut a large oval potato in 1/2 lengthwise using 5" Utility Knife. Using the Corer, hollow out a space for the carrot to sit in the potato base or use a toothpick to attach.

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