Fancy Sandwiches Recipe

Tuna Salad:
2 6 oz. cans white tuna in water
1/4 C. finely diced celery
3 T. finely chopped green onions
1/3 C. mayonnaise

Mix all ingredients together. You may need a little more mayonnaise, you want a nice spreading consistency.

Cheez Whiz
White Bread Slices
Cream Cheese softened and mixed with 1 T. milk
Sliced Green Olives

To assemble:
Spread tuna on one of the bread. Spread another slice with the Cheez Whiz. Top with a 3rd slice. Press together lightly. Cut crusts off bread. Cut bread into 2 halves. Then cut each half into 3 pieces. Set them on their side so you can see the filling.

Fill your pastry bag with the cream cheese. Use a leaf tip or another that will make a flat decoration. Make a line of cream cheese down the center of the sandwich. Place an olive slice in the center.

Note: You can make these the night before. We used to put them in a shirt box lined with wax paper. Place another sheet of wax paper on top of them. Just let it loosely lay on top. Cover. A plastic container will also work. Just don't stack the sandwiches if you have done the cream cheese.

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