Candy Hearts in Tulle

Cut our circle of tulle. Wrap several wrapped candy hearts and Jordan Almonds in tulle. Tie with a pretty ribbon, with a paper heart attached with the bride and grooms name on it.


Purchase DumDum suckers. Tie two suckers with coordinating colors of ribbon and a label stating "We were suckers for each other" Groom & Bride 00/00/02.  Favors cost $4.00 for 150 favors! Can't beat that deal!

Peppermint Hearts

Use the smallest heart cookie cutter, and rub a little amount of shortening around the edge of the cutter, put on a cookie sheet. Then put a starlight peppermint in the center of cookie cutter. Put in a preheated oven at 350F. for 4 or 5 minutes. Keep a watch on them, if they start to bubble around the edges take out. Let them cool slightly so you can take the peppermint out. Then after they cool wrap in plastic wrap, tie with ribbon. Attached a little poem with each peppermint; "As an expression of thanks for your presence today, We extend to you a symbol this heart, To remind you of the joy of this day And our delight that you could take part. Then we put them at each guest place on the tables.

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