Bridal and Wedding Shower Themes and Ideas


Recipe Theme

Send out recipe cards with the invitations. This is really good with family and friends. Ask them to write down one of their favorite recipes that they know the bride or groom enjoys. You could also send out a preprinted page for the recipe and below have a favorite memory with the bride or groom. Have the maid of honor collect them all. Put the sheets in a plastic folder. Insert them all into a book the bride can keep. Make the shower Kitchen related.

Enclosed for you is a recipe card
To fill it in shouldn't be hard.
(Bride's Name) might like to try your favorite cake,
or whatever it is you like to make.
So don't forget the card on this special date,
Fill it in now, don't hesitate.
At the shower will be a recipe box to fill.
So bring this recipe card, if you will.

Another variation of this might be to do a pot luck to wish the couple well. Have everyone bring a dish and a recipe card with the recipe written down for the dish they bought.

bridal shower themes

Holiday Theme

A lot of new brides starting out have very little in the way of Holiday decorations. We all know how expensive they can be. If they have been on their own for several years they might not need as much to set up housekeeping.  You can assign certain holidays with the invitations so that the bride receives decorations for all the year or do a shower for a specific holiday.

bridal shower themes

Lingerie or For the Bedroom & Bath Shower

Anything goes here as long as it can be used in the bedroom. Sexy lingerie, teddies, slippers, robes, matching P. J.'s, bedding linens, down pillows, comforters, big fluffy towels, candles, bath bubbles and  trays for breakfast in bed. Be real adventurous and have everyone come in their favorite P.J.'s. Or play the P.J. game. This is where you ask all of the guests to bring their favorite P.J.'s in a brown paper bag. Have the bride take them out of the bag and have everyone guess who they belong to. Make the last bag something for the bride that she can take on her honeymoon. A Day at the Spa might be a good gift to give the bride before she gets married. My sister in law did this for me the day before our wedding and I can tell you it was wonderful.

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