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"All Year Round"

So many showers only focus on the time of year the shower is held. Assign the guests a season with the invitation. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. For spring suggestions might include some gardening tools, umbrella, Summer--- beach towels, lawn chairs, travel grill, light weight lingerie, Fall----- personalized door mat, lawn rake, Winter ------ flannel P.J.'s, flannel bed sheets, snow shovel. It always seems to me that everyone gets the obvious shower gifts, so why not have one for Practical items? These types of showers are good for brides who are having 3 or more showers.

bridal shower themes


This is a great shower to have for the couple that already has their home set up, especially if they love to spend time in the kitchen. Possible gifts include wine to help build their wine cellar, cooking lessons with a "hot area chef", luscious jams and jellies, a gift certificate to the local gourmet shop, matching kitchen aprons, plush kitchen towels, pasta machine, ice cream makers and coffees and teas.

bridal shower themes

Pantry Shower

Just the opposite of the Gourmet, this is for couples that have not been out on their own and are just setting up a home for the first time. It would be best for this one to suggest an item or two that would help set up their pantry.  It will take a little planning when sending out the invitation, but this might help to avoid getting 30 cans of corn. Put one spice on everyone's list also.

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