Bridal and Wedding Shower Themes and Ideas


Honeymoon Theme

Where are they going for the Honeymoon? For this shower you buy something that has to do with where they are honeymooning. If they are going to a resort where they will be on the beach, buy them beach items. Call ahead and arrange to get gift certificates to outstanding restaurants if they like fine dining. Do some research on the web and it won't be too hard to figure it out. Talk to the hotel where they will be staying and see what special surprises you might be able to get thru the hotel.

bridal shower themes

Handy Andy/Hannah Shower

Believe it or not, in some places friends and families have opted to forgo the stag/bachelorette parties simply because they are opting for more practical things. Hardware stores are gold mines of widgets and gadgets that everyone always needs and never gets as a gift. This is the simplest of showers since the type of things you buy are scissors , batteries, lamps, flashlights, brooms, hammers, nails. You get the idea. Have the guest bring the gift in the original bad with the hardware logo on it and tie it with a pretty ribbon.

bridal shower themes

Tea Cup Shower

This shower each guest brings a tea cup that they feel expresses their own personality. This is a fun intimate shower which can be altered to Coffee Mugs, depending on the brides preference. After the shower, the bride has a unique collection to remind her forever of her closest friends.

bridal shower themes

Mail Shower

If family and friends are spread across the country it is unlikely the bride will opt to have a shower. Send invitations to everyone including a theme and the week in which to send her gift. During that week the bride will be showered with gifts.

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