Shamrock Salad Recipe
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Shamrock Salad

First Layer
1 small box lime gelatin
1 small can undrained crushed pineapple

Dissolve gelatin in one cup hot water, then cool. Add pineapple. Pour mixture into large mold and chill until set.

Second Layer
1 small box lemon gelatin
6 ounces cream cheese
10 marshmallows
2 cups whipping cream

Dissolve gelatin in one cup hot water. Mix one package cream cheese with one cup whipping cream. Pour mixture on top of set lime gelatin. Chill until set.

Mix remaining cream cheese with one cup whipped cream and the marshmallows cut into small pieces. Turn out mold on lettuce green and top with this mixture.

Whip 1/2 cup cream and add drained maraschino cherries and drained pineapple slices, arranged to form an attractive circle on top.

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