Mini Cake Sweethearts Recipe
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Mini Cake Sweethearts

1 pound cake mix
2 recipes of 7-minute frosting

Bake a pound cake in two 9 x 13-inch pans. This will make two very thin cakes and cooking time should be reduced. Cool. Use cookie cutters to cut heart shapes from the cakes.

Set several mini-hearts on a wire rack which has been set over a cookie sheet. Pour the warm frosting over the cakes. Allow to set-up. Scrap any excess frosting from the bottom of cakes. Set on wax paper to cure. Continue until all the cakes have been frosted.

Re-heat the frosting which has collected in the pan and use it to coat the cakes.

To decorate: Coat some of the cakes with white frosting and some with frosting which has been tinted pink with red food coloring.

Sprinkle red sugar over the tops of some of the cakes before the frosting has hardened.

Use a pastry bag and small decorating tips to pipe hearts, wavy lines, or plaids on the cakes.

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