Valentine Day Heart Puzzle

Try a puzzle heart. Bake your favorite cookies in a well-greased mini-heart-shaped pan. Turn the cookies out of the pans and cut each heart into a puzzle. Push the pieces back together and decorate with a Valentine's saying. Let the frosting dry. Separate the puzzle pieces and serve scattered on a plate for the guests to reassemble.

Party Favors for Valentine's Day

Balloons, candy, stickers, and waffle cones stuffed with Valentine's Day candies. Wrap them in red cellophane, tie with a ribbon.

Valentine Day Musical Hearts

This game is similar to musical chairs. First you must make one big red heart that a person can hold in both hands. Everyone stands in a circle. A parent, teacher, or a student then plays music (it can be any popular love song or song about friendship). As the music plays you pass the paper heart clock-wise. When the music stops the person standing on the left of the person holding the heart is "out" - he or she must exit the game. The game continues when the music begins again. The game continues until the last person remains holding the heart. Give the winner a box of candy!

Be My Valentine Smile

This is exactly like the game, "If you love me honey, please smile!" Have everyone sitting in a circle with one person being IT in the middle. The person who is IT then goes up to anyone and says, "Hi! Can you please be my valentine, please smile!" The person then must respond to it by says, "Sorry, I cannot be your valentine. I cannot smile." The person saying this cannot smile at all. If he or she does, then they become IT and have to go into the center and start the game over. The person who was IT takes the seat of the person going in!

Hand Made Valentine Card

Ribbon Card

Rose Kisses for Valentine's Day

These are beautiful rose buds made of two Hershey Kisses. You will need 2 Kisses per rose bud, wire, florist tape, and some leaves (artificial look real nice). Also you will need some paper to wrap the "rosebud" in. A shiny wrapping paper in bright colors turn out real festive and done with red make great gifts for Valentines Day. You don't need much paper, so don't go buy a lot. You will need about a 4" square per bud.

Once you have made one or two it should come pretty easily and the bouquets will be flying out. Place one Kiss with the point in the center of the paper ( doesn't have to be exact). place the flat end of the second Kiss right next to the flat end of the first Kiss. Fold the paper over the top of the two Kisses ( you should have a triangle effect). Then carefully fold the sides of the paper down to meet with the other ends of the paper. Pick up the bud by the paper ends and twist gently around the base of the second Kiss. Wrap the wire around the ends of the paper and cover with floral tape making sure to wrap the leaf in as you get down about 1". A bouquet of spring colored "Rosebuds" are beautiful in a vase with some baby's breath. This is a real inexpensive gift, but impressive.

Valentine Day Cupcake Decorating

For a party idea, give each guest an undecorated cupcake. Provide pink and white frosting and toppings such as colored sprinkles, red hot candies, conversation heart candies, candy kisses, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Brief History of Valentines Day

Party Guessing Game

This is simple and an easy way to connect with each guest as they arrive. Once they have had time to come in and see the lovely party area, show them a jar filled with candy hearts. Ask them to guess how many candies are in the jar. The child who guesses the closest gets to take the candy home. Having a little slip of paper with a Valentine sticker on it and their name will make this seem a bit more special to them.

Valentine Day Treasure Hunt

Buy a package of the inexpensive children´┐Żs valentines. Write a different note on each of 10 of the cards. You could include a joke on some for fun. The children follow the clues on the cards that lead to the next clue and ultimately the treasure. The treasure being a box with a bow. When opened out comes a bunch of pink and red helium balloons that float to the ceiling. Attached to the bottom of each balloon string is a note for one of the guests. It tells where they will find their own special Valentine treasure. The balloon is theirs to keep.

Valentine Coupon Book

Print your own coupon book at the Artist's Cafe for your sweetie. I have preprinted some, but there is also a blank one you can fill out. You'll also find some Valentines you can print. Have Fun! If you have any suggestions for pre-printed ones send me your suggestion and I'll add them to the pages.

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