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Canadian Recipes

Almond Streusel Cake
Best Canadian Butter Tarts
Blueberry Butter Tarts
Blueberry Upside Down Cake
Brown Sugar Pie
Butter Tart Muffins
Butter Tart Pie
Canadian Donuts
Cape Breton 'Pork Pies'
Cape Breton Scones
Chicken Breasts baked in Maple Syrup
Dad's Cookies
French-Canadian Shepherds Pie
Galettes de Louiseville
Heavenly Lemon Pie
Layered Salmon Pie
Lemon Dream Bars
Layered Meat Pie
Maple Sugar Pie
Maple Syrup Tart
Mont Saint Benoit and Onion Tart
Nanaimo Bars
Original Canadian Tourtiere
Pat� A La Rapure
Peanut Butter Chiffon Pie
Pear Cakes
Potato Bacon Pie
Potato Pie
Potatoes Nicoise
Potato Treats
Potent Maple Baked Beans
Pressed Picnic Sandwich
Quebec Pork Pie
Quebec Salmon Pie
Rhubarb Butter Tarts
Salted Herbs
Sausage & Bacon Hot Pie
Spicy Fish
Strawberry Pudding
Stuffed Meat-Loaf Roll
Vanilla Cake with Caramel Topping

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