Olympics Birthday Party

Send invitations two weeks ahead of time.  Click here for invitation.

Decorate with Primary colors using a lot of Balloons and streamers.
Birthday Express stocks supplies for over 100 party themes - you will also find solid colored products for a party of any size. Make sure you have a large room, garage or back yard.

As each guest arrives provide them with a "muscle shirt".

The challenges should range from a simple bean bag toss to a silly obstacle course.
You can use the following items: soft football, 3 x 5 file cards, or stiff paper to make score cards; masking tape; timer/stopwatch; tape measure, softballs or bean bags, a referee and a helper (siblings, or guests waiting their turn are great for this!)

Long Jump: This game is a standing long jump, so running starts are not allowed! Mark a starting line with masking tape on the floor. Mark each jump with a piece of tape and write the player’s name on it. Record each player’s longest jump.

Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course using items you already have around the house; Chairs, tires, jump ropes...

Other Challenge options: egg toss, back-to-balloon pop, water balloon toss, balloon volleyball, wastebasket -ball, and Hula hoop contest.

At the end of the Olympics award individual prizes for the fastest time, longest jump, etc. make SURE each child wins a ribbon.


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