Army Party

The invitations are "Draft Notices" telling them to report for basic training. For invites click here. If you need dog tags, click here.

Each child's face will be painted when they arrive by the drill sergeant. We will start with a game of "Sarge Says" with the winner choosing a prize from an Army duffel bag. Each boy will be timed starting with running through tires, 10 jumping jacks, through a tunnel and over a saw horse.

Then Sarge will direct them to the egg/spoon race with a hard boiled egg dyed green and decorated with a marker to look like a grenade.

The next game will be a balloon pop where everyone pops one balloon at a time. Each balloon has a piece of paper inside with instructions such as; 'Do 10 jumping jacks', 'Do 5 push ups', 'Collect a game prize', 'Trade game prizes with anyone', 'Tell someone else to do 10 jumping jacks' etc.

Another game might be Buzz-Bomb Balloon
You will need to give every player a balloon and you will need tape or string to make a target. Get the players to form a line or circle. When the adult says "1,2,3,GO!" The players release their Balloons in the Direction of the Target in the centre of the circle. Score 5 points for the closest balloon and 15 points for a direct hit. You do not need to keep score.

Then the Sarge will separate them for the tug-of-war. By this time they will be completely worn out and ready to eat some cake.

The cake is going to be decorated like a flag. Check with your local Army recruiting center to see if they have any promotional material. The Dollar store is stuffed full of great Army related game prizes ranging from toy walkie talkies and plastic army men to toy tanks and grenade shaped water balloons. Each child will be given a certificate of completion of Basic Training.


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