Ballet Party

Games and Activities:

Have a ballerina relay. Separate the guests into two teams, and have a pair of ballet shoes for each team. When it is a girl's turn, she puts on the ballet shoes and goes to a designated place on the other end of the room, then comes back. She then gives the shoes to the next girl in line. However, when proceeding to the designated place, girls must dance about, twirl, spin, leap, etc.--not just run--in order to get to the place. It's a good idea to play music so the girls can move to the beat. First team to finish wins.

Make necklaces. Cover workstation with newspaper, and set out bowls of pink and white beads of assorted shapes and sizes, as well as ballet charms and trinkets. Offer either string or necklace chains. Let kids string their own, and get adults to help tie them off.

Purchase a "glamorous" looking pink tutu, as well as a pink feather boa, perhaps a magic wand, and some other glittery "star" accessories. Have an adult with a Polaroid camera. Children take turns putting on the accessories and posing to have their pictures taken.

Dress up relay race. At the end of the yard place a "treasure chest" (ie laundry basket that is decorated with tulle, etc.). In the treasure chest, put the dress up clothes including play jewelry, etc. the sillier or fancier the better. Have the girls form teams. The object of the game is for each girl to race to the end of the yard, put on whatever is in the box and race back to the team. That girl takes off the costume and helps the next girl put it on. She then runs back to the chest, takes it off, runs back to her team and tags the next girl to go. Whoever finishes first--wins!!!


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