Barbie Party

Get the kids to bring their favorite Barbie doll or even dress up themselves as one of the Barbie dolls such as Princess Barbie, Fairy Barbie or Malibu Barbie. When the kids arrive, an excellent way of keeping them amused is to let them make their own party crowns and wands.

For decorations, use anything pink. Balloon and streamers will make it easy.

Pin the Ponytail on Barbie
Pin the tail on the donkey", only this time the kids get to "Pin the Ponytail on Barbie"! Instead of using a cut out, you could also use an overhead projector, trace a large Barbie on paper, minus ponytail, and place it on a wall. Each child wins a token prize based on how close they placed the ponytail to Barbie's head.

Barbie Buckets
Cover coffee cans with pink paper and decorate each bucket with Barbie stickers and designs. Children try to throw a ball into six buckets, winning a token prize for each ball landing in a bucket.

Making Faces
Put on face paint. As guests arrive paint flowers on each girl's cheeks and a bumblebee on her nose.

Have A Watering-Can Relay
Give your crew two watering cans and have them form a line between the hose and a kiddie pool. See how quickly they can fill up the pool.


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