Batman Party

A Batman theme is bound to go down a treat with boys and girls. You could get the children to decorate their own party bags. Supply them with finger paint, bat stamps, paint pens and giggly eyes to put on the bats.


Mr. Freeze Dance
Play Batman music and when the music is paused ask the children to freeze. The ones who are still moving are out of the game. The final child to not have been knocked out of the game is the winner.

Stomp the Bad Guys
Put a few pieces of candy in blue, yellow, and black balloons; blow them up and tie them. Put names and draw pictures of the bad guys on the balloons with a paint pen. In return for stomping out the bad guy balloons, the kids get the sweets from the balloons.

Mr. Freeze Bubble game
Cover the bottom of a small paddling pool with water and dishwashing liquid and a little bit of glycerine (this can be found at most pharmacies). Put a stepping stool in the middle of the pool with a hula-hoop around it in the bottom of the pool. Put a child on the stool and then pull the hula-hoop over them so they’re inside a giant bubble. Take pictures of them in the giant bubble with a Polaroid camera and make them a keepsake that said "I survived the Mr. Freeze Bubble at (name of child’s) Birthday” and the date.

Joker Treasure Hunt
Why not have someone dressed as the Joker who can hide his or her party bags? Then give the children an old playing card that gives them clues as to where they can find their bag.


Convert your garage into a bat cave by covering the walls with black fabric to make it dark. Never forget that any room becomes a little spooky when the lights are dimmed so simply use a dimmer switch, or replace your light bulbs with lower wattage bulbs.

Hang bats and cobwebs from the ceiling. Bats can be cut from cardboard and then painted black. You could create an image of a bat on the wall by cutting out an inch long bat from black cardboard and placing it over a torch. Tape in place and it'll be just like magic!

Cobwebs can be made by stringing cotton wool from area to area or alternatively you could get the kids to amuse themselves and decorate the room for you by getting them to make an enormous cobweb by tying bits of string to various pieces of furniture in a criss-cross manner. Then let them crawl underneath it for some added party fun. You could even award small prizes to those kids who managed to crawl under the web without touching it.

Using cardboard again, cut various Halloween shapes out. Draw spooky faces using glow in the dark chalk and hang them on the walls of a room of your home. Shining a black light on them will bring them alive!



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