Circus Carnival

This is a great theme for both boys and girls. It is a party that will take time to put together. Start planning ahead of time so that it is all ready the day of the party. If you need invitations. Click here.


Balloons of course. Purchase red and white checked cardboard popcorn boxes. Set up tables with red and white paper tablecloths. Fill a small balloon with water and put it inside of a popcorn box. Tie several balloons to the box for a centerpiece. Place a few boxes of animal crackers around. Make sure you have enough so that each child gets a box. Make sure to buy some extra boxes for popcorn. Rent a cotton candy machine from a rental store. 

Use a canopy or blanket to create the big top. Decorate with streamers. This is where you could set up the food. Make a balloon archway for all the guests to a enter thru. Balloon Archway - blow balloons with helium. Take a piece of string and tie the balloons to the piece of string, about every 12 inches. Once you start tying the balloons, they will float up. Secure the piece of string with a tent stake, or any piece of thick wire that will hold the string in place. Insert the object into the ground with the string secured to it. After putting balloons every 12 inches on string, you can decide on the size of the arch. Once you have enough balloons, you will then secure the opposite end of the string the same way.

Give them game tickets for the booths when they enter.

Games .....

Bowling Alley - used a scrap piece of plywood, the plastic pins and balls. Each player gets 3 chances to knock all the pins down. ALL children get to choose a prize. Children that knock all pins down, get to choose from box with nicer toys in it.
Basketball Throw - Have a contest for free throws. All children get 3 shots to make the basket. Again, ALL children get prizes.
Dart Throw - Use a piece of wood or thick cardboard for the balloons, unless you have a side of an old building. Blow up little balloons and attach to wood with a push pin ( or nail, or thumbtack would also work ). Each child gets 3 darts to pop balloons. Make sure you have enough balloons to continue adding to board as they pop them.
Water Balloon Throw - Filled up water balloons the night before the party and put them in ice chests or clean garbage cans. Then have a water balloon throw. Kids choose partners, and make 2 lines across from each other. They start close to each other, throw the balloon, and all the teams that catch the balloon, take a giant step back, getting farther away from each other. And it continues in that same manner, until you have only one team left.

In addition to the games:

Face Painting Center - Have someone dressed as a clown, painting all the children’s faces.
Pick a Duck - this was more for the younger siblings of the children that attend. Used rubber ducks, ducks from games and under each duck we taped a number 1 or 2, and that was the box they chose from …. Box 1 or 2.

For prizes, use the small toys children get as give a ways at fast food places. Ask your friends to save them also. Garage sales are also a good source, as are Dollar Stores.


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