1st. Birthdays

Party Themes
When your child is watching television or has a favorite toy, you'll be able to tell which character(s) they most especially enjoy. Many of these popular characters have matching party supplies and cake decorations that can be purchased.

Provide two cakes… one cake "just" for the birthday baby to eat all by her or himself and have your camera ready! The other cake is for the guests and can be decorated to match the party theme. A simple cake is to just add "one" candle on a frosted cake.


Sing Along
Singing/active games, like Ring Around the Rosy and Itsy Bitsy Spider fascinate and entertain kids, letting them join in and have a great time. Lead a parade in your living room -- kids like to make noises and move around, so how about animal sounds. The leader (you?) makes a cow sound and the kids make the cow sound and follow the leader as she/he zigzags around the room. Any other simple "active" games that include clapping, stomping, giggling, etc. are especially enjoyed by babies and toddlers. Add some musical instruments and be ready for fun (and noise).

Peanut Scramble:
Scatter peanuts all over an area and provide each child with a paper bag, asking them to find all the peanuts. Too simple, yes… but great fun for toddlers. Variation: You can use clothespins for this activity instead of peanuts.

Incredible Edible Crafts, Play Dough and Finger Paint Recipes:
This compilation of recipes is aimed at those children that would rather eat their art supplies than create a work of art! Ahead of time, make up a batch of play dough and cover a work area in the party room. While the adults chat or eat cake, let toddlers and children squeeze and play.

For a great list and recipes for Edible Crafts.... Click here

Games such as bean bag toss or Ring-a-Round- the-Rosy are fun and non-competitive. Toddlers tend to get bored easily so it is best to keep the amount of games to a minimum.


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