Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Essentially turn one room into an ocean. First, drape a sheet over a chair to make a mermaid rock. Then hang a long green streamer, clothesline style, across part of the ceiling, attaching the ends securely with tape and drawing pins. Cut six fish and starfish shapes out of poster board and tape each to one end of a 4-foot length of blue crepe paper. Hang these, plus some plain streamers, from the clothesline-style streamer. Litter the floor underneath with blue balloons.

If you want to do more than just play at the beach, here is a fun game that involves a little fishing skill. Build a wall with a big blanket hung over it. Using a stick for the fishing pole, tie string and have a clothesline clip on the end. Have the child throw the line over the blanket wall. Have an adult or older child to help put small toys, such as stickers, rings, bracelets, fish, boats and sunglasses on the clip. Have the fisherman pull the string back over for his prize.

Treasure Hunt
For the grand finale have a treasure hunt following clues left by Ariel leading to a hidden treasure chest (polystyrene Ice Chest covered in foil) filled with jewels & treats! Children could be given pirate hats to wear and you should give out simple instructions leading the children to the treasure chest. The treasure should be in the form of their goodie bags which should be filled with candy rings, candy necklaces, gold foil covered chocolate coins, Swedish fish candy (plus the usual noise makers.

Skin the Eel
Kids have to work together to complete this flexibility challenge. First, line up everyone single file. Each child bends forward and places their right hand back through their legs. With their left hand, they grasp the right hand of the player in front of them. The player at the back of the line lies down on their back while everyone else walks backward over them. The next player lies down, then the next, until everyone is lying on their back with their face upwards. The last player to lie down gets up and walks forward, pulling the rest of the line with him, until all are standing and still holding hands.

Mermaid Race
This game will make a big splash! First kit out each child with a mermaid tail by having him or her step into a heavy-duty, drawstring garbage bag. Tie the bag loosely around the child's waist, and then secure it in place with a belt of duct tape. Wrap a second strip of duct tape around the knees to create a fin effect, then lay the children down on their bellies, across the room from your mermaid rock. Scatter crowns around on the rock. At the "Ready, set, dive" signal, kids squirm and flap their way to the rock, don their crowns and race back. (Tip - cut a few small airholes in the bags so the kids don't end up with slimy fish feet.)


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