Slumber Birthday Party

A sleepover or pajama party usually involves a single-sex group of probably around 5-6 young people and is usually an excellent excuse for a bunch of good friends to get together, and just chill and chat until very late! Rent a movie or two they might enjoy.

Deliciously different ..... Occasionally teenagers might prefer something a little less fussy than a conventional cake so why not look for something cool and creamy in the freezer section? Customize an ice-cream dessert to make a cool cake and add some everlasting candles just before serving!

Gooey but Glorious .... A homemade or store-bought fudgey chocolate cake decked with a few extra goodies from the sweet section will be a sure hit with the chocoholics.

Keeping them entertained:

Have them all write ads for "looking for Mr. Perfect". Have them guess who wrote which ad. I'll warn you, don't be surprised by what they write. We did this at a party I had for a friend's daughter. I saved the messages and gave them to her when she was 20 something. The ads were hilarious when written and funnier then!


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