Water Birthday Party

Lucky is the child whose birthday falls in the summer months. On the invitations, tell the children to come in their swimsuits and bring a towel. You must have a yard equipped with a hose for this party, and you’ve got to have a back-up plan in case it rains on your child’s birthday.

Borrow or buy a “Wet Banana” or “Slip-and-Slide.” The kids can line up and run and slide down the slide. You can also play run-through-the-sprinklers games. The rainbow-type sprinklers are great for games. The children will just make the games up as they go along.

Set up a picnic table with a checkered tablecloth. If your party is scheduled for lunch or dinnertime, serve barbecued hot dogs, chips, and soda pop. Then follow the meal with cake and ice cream.


Water Brigade
Divide the partygoers into two teams. Line the teams up next to each other. Give the first person in each line a small bucket or cup full of water. About thirty feet away, place an empty cup or bucket for each team. When you say "GO!," the first person runs down to the empty bucket, pours the water from his or her bucket into the empty one, and races back to their team with the empty bucket. The next teammate must then race down to the full bucket and pour the water from the bucket into his or her empty container, then return the full bucket to the next person in line. Your guests will have fun trying to keep as much water as they can in their buckets. The game ends when each team member has run down and come back one time.


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